About Climate Parents Finland


Climate Parents Finland is a non-governmental organisation (NGO) for parents and friends of children concerned about climate change. We demand that decision-makers make controlling the climate catastrophe a top political priority.

Climate Parents Finland (Ilmastovanhemmat ry) was founded in December 2012 by a group of parents frustrated by the fact that the climate catastrophe threatening our children is not being taken seriously enough. Climate Parents Finland is an independent organisation not affiliated to any political party.

Climate Parents Finland — activities

Climate Parents Finland works on multiple levels: we encourage public debate on climate change, lobby decision-makers and meet key politicians to disseminate our message.

We do not focus on small everyday decisions or on changing individuals’ consumption patterns; to reduce emissions fast enough, much larger structures must change. In this regard, political decision-makers have both greater influence and greater responsibility than individual consumers. We also encourage all parents and friends of children to exercise their rights as citizens!

Everyone who agrees with our aims is welcome to participate in our activities. Those without children are equally welcome to join Climate Parents Finland. You can express your support by liking our Facebook page and telling your friends and acquaintances about climate change and Climate Parents Finland. To read more about how to participate, check our page on What you can do.

Companies and organisations are also welcome to become sustaining members and help to disseminate our message. Those interested in cooperation are welcome to contact us at info@ilmastovanhemmat.fi.