Let’s save the climate for our children!

If climate change is allowed to run amok, life on Earth may be in great danger as early as within 50 years — during our children’s lifetime.

Climate change can be controlled, and there are many means to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. We now need political courage to ensure the best possible future for the next generation.

We at Climate Parents Finland are ordinary fathers, mothers, grandparents, godparents and friends of children. We have had enough of Finnish politicians failing to face their responsibilities. We demand that decision-makers immediately take action to stop the climate crisis. We will lobby politicians both nationally and locally until they take concrete action.

We are willing to do our share, but stopping the climate crisis is no longer something that individuals can control. Averting this catastrophe necessitates changes in society as a whole. Today’s decision-makers must try to ensure that our children can live safely in this world, make their dreams come true and become parents in turn.

Help us make the children’s voice heard. Read more on our activities and join us!

Climate Wake-Up flash mob

Climate Wake-Up flash mob

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