What you can do


DO NOT GIVE UP. Climate change is a big and problematic issue. Therefore, all of us must exercise our legal rights and strive to reduce emissions. Take a look at the list below to find which method of involvement is best for you.

I want to do something quick and easy

  • Like Climate Parents Finland (Ilmastovanhemmat) on Facebook
  • Invite your friends to like Climate Parents Finland on Facebook, to sign a petition and/or to join the association
  • Add the Climate Parents Finland logo to your Facebook profile picture
  • Talk about climate change and Climate Parents Finland in your blog, on Twitter, on Facebook, on discussion forums, at the playground, at the coffee table at work, at your child’s nursery or school…

I want to do more

  • Join Climate Parents Finland
  • Be active in Climate Parents Finland; for instance, meet or email MPs and municipal decision-makers and strive to convince them that climate issues should be a top political priority.
  • Join your local Climate Parents Finland group or start one on your own! If you wish to join a local group, contact us at jasenrekisteri@ilmastovanhemmat.fi.
  • Are you a skilled photographer, coder, writer, graphic designer etc.? Contact us at info@ilmastovanhemmat.fi and tell us what you would like to do.
  • Write a letter to the editor to your local newspaper, telling why you are a member of Climate Parents Finland and why slowing down climate change must be a top priority.
  • Check our list of events to see what courses or events are organised in Finland. The list also includes activities not organised by Climate Parents Finland. Get involved and meet others who share your views and values. Together you are stronger!

I want to support Climate Parents Finland financially, too

Income from membership fees and donations is used directly for the activities of Climate Parents Finland, for instance to pay for advertising space and to produce materials. The association works on a volunteering basis; no payment or compensation is provided.